Why is Indian cuisine so Popular?

All over the world, people love to eat Indian cuisine. Indian food is rich in flavor and taste. And, this is the prime reason why people are drawn towards Indian food. Foods like chicken biryani, butter chicken, dal makhani are particularly popular.
Mentioned below are some of the reasons why Indian food is loved by all:

1. Rich Flavour- Indian food is flavorsome as a wide array of ingredients are used to prepare the delicacies. No other cuisine all across the globe utilizes so many ingredients and flavors. If you want to try the best butter chicken in Surrey you must visit the best Indian restaurant and you will realize what is meant by rich flavors.
2. Amazing Taste- Indian cuisine is not bland. The ingredients lend an amazing taste to all Indian foods. For the best chicken qorma in Surrey, visit an Indian restaurant and order a delectable qorma to satiate your desire for something scrumptious. With Indian food, you will without a doubt get an outstanding taste. With Indian food, a lot of emphases is put on providing things that appeal to the palate.
3. Healthy- Indian food is very healthy. The ingredients such as turmeric, mustard seeds, black pepper, coriander seeds, chili peppers, coconut milk, etc are known for their numerous health benefits. These ingredients form an integral part of Indian cuisine so when you eat Indian food you are automatically consuming the best herbs. There is no need to take such powerful foods separately when you eat Indian cuisine.
4. Easy To Cook- Indian food is easy to cook. Just sticking to the good recipes will lead to good outcomes. With other cuisines, there is not so much twist of taste that is offered. With Indian cuisine, there is so much experimenting. They try to come up with new dishes by combining different ingredients. Other kinds of cuisines stick to a fixed pattern so the variety that you get is not huge.
5. Wide Variety- The variety of dishes that you get with Indian cuisine has no limit. With Indian cuisine, you can use varied ingredients and a new dish is made. So, the variety that you get with Indian cuisine you will not get anywhere else. So if you like a wide variety in what you eat, it is better to go in for Indian cuisine.
6. Diversity- Indian cuisine is diverse like the culture of India. So, you will have flavors and tastes that are distinctive. For instance, dosa tastes radically different from butter chicken but they both form a part of Indian cuisine. No other cuisine across the globe offers so much diversity. In other cuisines, all dishes are prepared according to a similar pattern so in terms of diversity you will not get too many options.
7. Spices – Spices form the base of Indian cooking. You can increase or decrease the number of spices that you use as per your need. It is the rich knowledge of spices and how they should be used is that lends an outstanding quality and taste to Indian cuisine. So if you like to experiment with what you eat, Indian food will be your true calling.

So, these are some of the reasons why Indian cuisine has become so popular of late. It is a preferred cuisine for a lot of people. The health benefits that this cuisine offers are not seen in any other cuisine. The base of Indian cooking is love and that is reflected in the taste. So, without a doubt, if you fancy flavorsome and rich food you must try a good Indian restaurant in Canada.
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